How it began…

Farmington Animal Hospital was established in the 1950s.  Due to increasing demand for companion animal services, a new modern veterinary hospital was built in 1997.  Our services and facilities are designed to provide high quality medical and surgical treatment as well as wellness and preventive care for pets of all ages.  Our experienced and knowledgeable staff are dedicated to becoming partners in your pet’s health by providing optimum medical and preventive care and advice throughout the life of your pet.

Looking for Refills, Appointments, or to Talk to Your Pets Doctor?,  

Farmington Animal Hospital wants to give you and your pet the best service possible. We understand that sometimes between full work schedules, running kids around and everyday life sometimes your furry friend get checked off of the list last. We are here to make it easier to get in contact with us on your schedule. Please use our form anytime, day or night to request an appointment, refill your pets medication, or speak to a Dr. about a non-emergency situation.

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