We provide boarding services for both dogs and cats.  Dogs are housed in spacious indoor runs that are heated and air-conditioned.  Cats are housed in individual cages with a resting bench and “hidey hole.”  We provide a premium maintenance pet food or you are welcome to provide your pet’s own food if you prefer.  Dogs must be current on vaccination for DAPP (distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, and parvovirus), bordetella, canine influenza, and rabies.  Cats must be current on vaccination for distemper, upper respiratory virus, and rabies.  Any pet found to have fleas and ticks on arrival will be treated at the owner’s expense.  We do not admit or discharge animals from the boarding facility on Sundays.


Grooming services are available from Aunt Tina’s Dog House.  Please call 573-760-0665 for an appointment.